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Digital Identification Retransfer Card Printer
Digital Identification LOGO

Matica/Digital Identification Embossers & Retransfer Card Printer Products

XID8300XID printers

Matica/Digital Identification XID8300photo capture


Evolis Color Card Printers

For single-sided badge printing in high-definition and four-color process. Easy to be upgraded to dual sided card printer on-site by field service engineer.

Evolis card printers


Nisca color card printers

Nisca Color Card Printers( made in Japan)

For single-sided or dual sided color staff badge printing in high-definition and four-color process.

Evolis card printers


Retex racks

Retex racks for high performance data centre or High Performance Computing(HPC) / Cloud computing

Easy Transport and manipulation.
This three characteristics means the new LOGIC rack helps spectacularly to reduce its transportation and installation costs, so avoiding existing problems to move the racks until final destination (escalators, elevators, narrow doors...).

Heat Dissipation

Noise Reduction

Quick and easy mounting



Cablescom network cables

Cablescom Online Catalog



SCM Microsystems

SCM Microsystems RFID/Smart cards readers


Nfive ACTA terminal

Nfive ACTA Access Control terminal

ACTA Terminal


Nfive ACTA terminal

Nfive CardFive card printing software solution

Nfive Cardfive printing solution


eMedia software

eMedia Card Designer software from Mediasoft Technologies (France)

Free bundled user license for usage with Evolis Pebble4, Dualys3 and other authorized color card printers.


CardExchange software

CardExchange® ID card software solution from Exchangeit

CardExchange software has a full range of software products for different application - simple ad hoc membership/staff ID card printing, magnetic stripe encoding/ contact & contactless smart cards encoding, integration with various databases such as CSV text/Excel /MS SQL/Access/ODBC/Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.

There are three powerfull product lines:

  • CardExchange®
  • CardExchange® Small Business Server
  • CardExchange® Inside SDK


CardPresso software

CardPresso ID card software solution from CardPresso

CardPresso software has a full range of software products for different application. Start by XXS with the basic features for card design and printing using predefined templates, signature acquisition, Barcodes 1D, WIA/TWAIN and DirectShow acquisition as well as Magnetic encoding. XS adds, among other features, QR codes, .XLS, .CSV and .TXT database connection, Database View and Link Image to DB field. XM adds, among other features, local MS Access connection, Photo on database, FaceCrop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes. XL adds ODBC connection, RFID Contactless direct encoding, Smartcard plugin, Multi-Layout card designs, Conditional printing, Operation Logs and many more! XXL adds advanced features like DESFire, Web Print Server and Net License up to 16 PCs.

There are five different product lines:

  • CardPresso XXS
  • CardPresso XS
  • CardPresso XM
  • CardPresso XL
  • CardPresso XXL