We are now a registered supplier for the Hong Kong SAR government. Supplier ID no.: 1062160.
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Welcome to the Smartcard Systems Website!

Professional Services

Smartcard Systems Limited is a company with headquarter based in Hong Kong.

We provide professional services for:

IT Consulting for application of smart card and smart card based IT systems

  • Smart card based information system/ infrastructure/ architecture
  • smart card authentication
  • PKI
  • server authentication
  • web application security
  • database security
  • server system/database system/smart card printing system installation and implementation
  • system backup & restore/recovery

There are many other application of the smart cards and related products.

We also provide support, repair and maintenance service for various card printer, embosser and related card issuing software systems.

Please contact us for detail information if you are interested to discuss with us the possibilities of applying smart card technology to your office or industries.