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Cablescom Online catalog

Cablescom Online Catalog

Cables de Comunicaciones offers you a catalogue with a wide range of cables to satisfy your needs with efficiency and quality. It can be ordered by contacting us through our Sales Department, who will answer any queries you might have.

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Outside plant telephone cables Outside plant telephone cables;

Cables for distribution or link-up between exchanges, either sunk directly in the ground or aerial, with or without support load.

Inside plant telephone cables Inside plant telephone cables:

Cables for distribution within exchanges and within buildings.

Service cables Service cables:

Cables for connecting subscribers to the distribution network and wires for the wiring systems in telephone exchanges and equipment.

Data cables Data cables:

Applications for voice and data, and Cat5 and Cat6 cable systems, as well as specific cables for inside and outside xDSL applications.

Cables for signals, operation and control Cables for signals, operation and control:

Cables for the transmission of analogical and digital signals for operating machines, controlling industrial processes, rail signals, security systems, etc.