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RETEX LOGIC  racksRetex LOGIC double sided doorLOGIC2 glass door

LOGIC racks with glass doors

Thinking in small rooms or space critical applications LOGIC racks have glass door with lock for better access to equipments.

19" racks with 600mm OR 800mm width, 600 / 800 / 900 / 1000 mm depth,

12U / 18U / 24U / 30U / 36U / 42U / 47U

Aluminium section external structure

Glass door with lock

Removable side and back panels

standard feet (4 adjustable levelling feet) OR 4 multidirectional wheels

Optional modules:

Different kind of trays

Fans modules with OR without thermostat control

Pass through cable panel

Cable management systems

Power Supply Units with OR without Surge Arrest protection

Copper grounding bar

Retex LOGIC2 with mesh door

LOGIC2 racks with mesh doors

19" modular cabinets, 600/800 mm wide. For cabling, telecommunications, IT installations. Designed in accordance with IEC60297-2, DIN 41944 part 1 and 7, ANSI/EIA-310 and UNE 20539-2.

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Retex LOGIC double sided door

LOGIC2 racks with double sided door

Thinking in small rooms or space critical applications LOGIC SPACE racks have double sided door for better access to equipments. Include 3 point lock, one of them Handylock.

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retex rack with front door
retex rack with front door
Pebble 4 Printer
retex rack


Custom made service with different dimensions

aesthetically designed structure, made in aluminium.

Support custom made.

Support IP65 protection on request(optional)


LOGIC2 supports distributed load capacity up to 1000 Kg(static) and

1500Kg with additional support (optional).

Noise Reduction

New technology for noise reduction in racks.

Thanks toSilentium registered technology, the high levels of noise generated for equipments mounted in racks are dramatically reduced to a more comfortable state. LOGIC racks solution customer needs for its solid structure i aluminium profile and for its pre-assembled concept, 19" modular rack served in real flat-pack.

Quick and easy mounting

All the parts are pre-assembled and well packed to achieve a really quick mounting. Only 4 steps must be followed to get an average mounting time of 5 minutes for a LOGIC of 30 U/ HE publically proved.

Low cost - flat pack system

Reduce its transportation and installation costs, so avoiding existing problems to move the racks until final destination (escalators, elevators, narrow doors...).

For detail information, please go to the manufacturer's web site: